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Towards Fairer Contractual Practices for Freelance Dramaturgs: A Conversation Facilitated by Catriona Craig
15th October 2021, Catriona Craig, David Harris, Ken Cerniglia, Jarkko Lehmus and Katalin Trencsényi Dramaturgy, Interview, United Kingdom
From Pygmies to Puppets: What to Do with Roald Dahl’s Enslaved Oompa-Loompas in Modern Adaptations?
14th October 2021, Kate Cantrell and David Burton Adaptation, Australia, Essay, Theatre and Politics
Met Opera Returns with History-making Debut by Terence Blanchard
13th October 2021, French Press Agency (AFP) New York, Review, United States of America
Cameron Mackintosh's All-Japanese "Oliver!" Will Have You Asking for More
12th October 2021, Nobuko Tanaka Japan, Musical Theatre, News
Justin Matthew Sargent as “Drew” and Diana Huey as “Sherrie” in the new TUTS production of Rock of Ages. Photo by Melissa Taylor. Heaven Isn't Too Far away; It's in Downtown Houston at TUTS' "Rock of Ages"
15th October 2021, Trevor Boffone Musical Theatre, Review, United States of America
Oksana Haiko in Frau mit Automat A Lady with a Machine Gun
15th October 2021, Togtogan Engdongi Belarus, Review, Theatre and Gender
Ben Miles in The Mirror and the Light. Photo: Marc Brenner Hilary Mantel and Ben Miles’s The Mirror and the Light at the Gielgud Theatre: Engaging, but Rather Low Key
10th October 2021, Aleks Sierz Adaptation, London, Playwriting, Review, United Kingdom
Lance Weiler on the Future of Storytelling and the Film “The Last Broadcast”
8th October 2021, Alexander Fatouros Interview, New York, Theatre and Film, Transmedia, United States of America


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Visit - an Interactive Digital Map of Global Theatre and Performance Festivals developed by With hundreds of festivals browsable and searchable by festival location, type, and date, Performap is the first extensive digital index of its kind in the field, built expressly for artists, audiences, critics, scholars, festival organizers, curators, and presenters from around the world.

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Kenya’s New Theatre Awards

The Kenya Theatre Awards seek to fill these two gaps by tracking and watching all performances in the country and providing data and statistics on the number of venues, performances staged, people watching performances in the country. This will be achieved by the Jury and technical team of the Awards who will work in partnership with theatre venues, producers and theatre companies.

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Veteran Thespian Launches Collection of Original Plays

“We have in essence what could be the most beautiful country in the world, we have great weather, we have friendlier people than I have met travelling elsewhere, and every seven years or so, somebody gives us an order and we sharpen our machetes and putting things alight! For those of us of a certain sensibility, this is stupid and what can we do about it? I knew I didn’t want to be the MP of my rural home area but I could write plays…”

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The Barber of Seville

Indeed in the Baroque period, before the invention of the conductors, harpsichordists (who were usually also the composer) would lead the orchestra, establishing the harmonic structure and ensuring the rhythmic steadiness by nodding their heads. As music became more harmonically complex, and harpsichordists had to focus exclusively on their playing, the conducting duties fell to the first violinist. This style of orchestral leading, split between the harpsichordists and the violinist, was soon abandoned due to an inherent clash in leadership.

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