TheTheatreTimes.com is a global portal for theatre news. With an expanding collaborative team of Regional Managing Editors around the world, TheTheatreTimes.com is the largest and the most diverse global theatre portal.

Since launching last year, we have developed 20 thematic sections. With over 140 Regional Managing Editors around the world, covering theatre in over 75 countries, we have published over 1,350 articles.

In addition to our original content, TheTheatreTimes.com filters through more than eighty sources, around six hundred articles and thousands of pages of theatre news every day. Curating a steady stream of the top theatre information, TheTheatreTimes.com is a leading destination for theatre audiences and professionals worldwide.

TheTheatreTimes.com is the brainchild of Magda Romanska, a writer and dramaturg from Boston, and Beatriz Cabur, a theatre director and playwright living in London and working worldwide.

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In what ways will The Theatre Times continue to grow?

In addition to our app (available at Apple’s App Store and on Google Play), we are developing many other features that will further enhance our readers’ experience and allow them to connect to other theatre people around the world.

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