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Emiliia Dementsova

Emiliia Dementsova
regional managing editor

Emiliia is a creative writer, theatre critic, editor and lecturer. She holds a PHD in theatre from the Lomonosov State University Faculty of Arts, having written her dissertation on the contemporary auteur and neo-auteur theatre. Poet, playwright, participant of anti-war projects Nowarpoetry, ROAR and others. Author of the international anti-war project/action Alphabet of salvation, dedicated to Ukrainian victims of military aggression. She is a member of the International Association of Theatre Critics. Emiliia has acted as a cultural columnist for Critical Stages, European Stages, The Hollywood Reporter, Arti dello Spettacolo/Performing Arts, Teatro, Novaya Gazeta,, Theatre World, etc. Participant in The Conflict Zones (theatre project by The Union of the European Theatres). Author of more than 500 publications about theatre and cinema. She is author of the course Profession: Theatergoer in Central House of the Journalists. The winner of the prizes (I place) - "Golden Pen", "Native Speech", International Tutchev Prize, "Yousmi Web-Journalism Awards" in the nomination "The Best Review Among Professionals" , Diploma of the International Press Club award called Challenge – XXI century for a series of theatre reviews she authored. Winner of the international literary competition of the International guild of writers "Across Chekhov" in the nomination "Essay". Judge of the theatre festival laboratory "Scene of action" and pitching of young scriptwriters Author of solo performance "Without intermission": theatre, art reading, lecture. Participant and speaker more than 50 conferences and forums including "Theatre – an era of changes", "YOULEAD", "YouthVoice", "The modern European theatre", WORD><STAGE Stage words: inter-semiotic and inter-linguistictranslation of dramaturgic, literary and theatre theory texts (Dipartimento di Lingue, Letterature e Culture Moderne (LILEC), Bologna). She is a scholar of the Oxford Fund and Italian government grant for foreign citizens. Grantee and participant of the project With and From One Another: Exchange of Cultural Actors, (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) Scholar of the International innovative forum "Interra". Co-author of several books including Almanac of modern writers, 100 contemporaries about Yuri Lyubimov and others. Author and presenters of the Cultural Environment program at the Radio Journalist. Member of the jury of the Polish film festival "Wisła". Selector of the Kyoto Prize in Art and Philosophy and the European Theatre Award. Member of literary volunteer program helping blind and weak-sighted people (recording audiobooks for the blind).

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April 2024


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