Egypt is represented by one play and a jury member at the second edition of Jordan’s Al-Rahhalah Theatre – Nomadic Theatre Festival in Open Spaces.

The second edition of the Al-Rahhalah Theatre – Nomadic Theatre Festival in Open Spaces will be held from 11 to 15 July 2023.

The opening ceremony of the festival took place at the Odeon Theater in Amman, which can seat 500 people, on Monday evening. Jordan’s Minister of Culture, Haifaa Al-Najjar, was in attendance.

Egypt will present the play Excuse Me, Aristotle, Let Me Try as part of the festival’s nine-play lineup from Arab countries, all of which are designed to be staged in open spaces. The plays will be performed in various locations throughout Amman.

Renowned Iraqi playwright and theatre director Jawad Al-Asadi is among the jury members at the festival, which also includes Egyptian artist Mohamed El-Rouby.

A symposium will be held during the festival to discuss the life and work of Egyptian improvisation artist, theatre director, and actor Abdulrahman Arnous (1934-2009).

In addition, the festival will organize seminars featuring Jordanian and Arab critics, theatre artists, and media professionals to discuss the theatrical shows.


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