Marcina Zaccaria

Marcina Zaccaria
editor - Theatre and Opera

Marcina Zaccaria is a writer, director, and arts administrator.  She is published in the New Crit section of Howl Round, and her clips can be found on Twitter.  She has written monologues, published in "InterJACtions:  Monologues from the Heart of Human Nature (Vol. II)," available on Amazon. She has directed readings and plays in venues that include New Dramatists, HERE Arts Center, Dixon Place, Soho Rep, Dance Theater Workshop, TheaterLab, and the Ohio Theater.  She curated a Salon at Dixon Place.  This one day event featured visual artists, spoken word artists, dancers, filmmakers, and theater artists. Marcina is a member of the League of Professional Theatre Women, and is a reader for the New York Musical Festival.  Arts administration experience includes providing support for the Executive Director/ Contemporary Programming at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.  She has worked in ticket sales at the Roundabout Theatre Company and Manhattan Theater Club.  She has an MFA from Columbia University.  

Vietnam Is A Lullaby Of Dissolution In “My Lai” at BAM

Composer Jonathan Berger has created an opera that is incredibly soothing, when played by Kronos Quartet and Vietnamese Musician Vân-Áhn Võ.  It’s a blissful and dreamy soundscape.  Kronos Quartet is David Harrington on violin, John Sherba on violin, Hank Dutt on viola, and Sunny Yang on cello.  In My Lai, they are precise, as they gesture toward Vân-Áhn Võ.  She plays several instruments, dan bau (single-string box zither), dan tranh (16-string board zither), and t’rung (a visually striking helix-shaped xylophone with bamboo rods).  The Vietnamese instruments look like chimes; a stringed instruments is played like a digital sampler. 

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Exquisite Growth In “Frantic Beauty”

There is no growth without decay.  When I was considering Dante in Italy, many years ago, I remember studying this kind of descent and ascent.  It was fascinating to watch Frantic Beauty, produced by LEIMAY.  While the performers are not decompensating, they do fall deeply, seemingly through the floor and beyond.  Jumping high off the ground they seem to reach beyond the ceiling.  It’s effortless. Plagued with technical problems in the first part of the show (perhaps, due to a Con Ed power outage), these five dedicated dancers continued forward, creating a delicate, emotional world where sensation makes a...

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Peter Scolari in “The Dreyfus Affair” at BAM

Journeying back to late 1800s, we see how anti-semitism, the sympathies of a poet, and military law collided in The Dreyfus Affair.  Alfred Dreyfus, originally a member of the French artillery, was found to have committed treason.  He eventually served in Devil’s Island, before Poet, Novelist, and Playwright Émile Zola took up his cause, and wrote an open letter to the French President in the newspaper, L’Aurore. Ensemble for the Romantic Century’s genre-bending theater work mixes drama, opera, and video art.  Each piece (the music, the projections, the stage script) keep their separate potency, and never eclipse the other.  What is most...

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“The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs” at the Guggenheim

The joy of creation is wrapped in the trappings of human frailty. Steve doesn’t seem paranoid or suffering from delusions in this opera. A California dreamer, destined to take over the computer world, his sensitivity isn’t outweighed by his desire to improve.

Taking every step to humanize the journey, the lyricist mentioned that in the process of creating a new computer, Apple founders were searching for making a machine that has a personality. It’s a clever blend of spiritualism that includes Buddhist study, as a catalyst for revolution.

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Streaming Opera and Media: “Secondary Dominance” at PROTOTYPE

PROTOTYPE captures the opera lover’s attention again this year, with offerings that include Mata Hari, Anatomy Theater, and Rev. 23, a Work-in-Progress Concert. Produced by The Delirium Constructions, Secondary Dominance stands out as a perfect synthesis of opera and media.  Combining tribal and post-modern influences, Sarah Small holds court and doesn’t lose heart.  The creator, composer, and writer of this Multi-Media Concert is a petit- powerhouse, incorporating folk and art rock.  A RISD alum, her consciousness includes photography and sculpture.  A Grammy nominated artist, Small takes her music to the next level with video by Black Sea Hotel.  It’s more than...

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What is Live?

Live – what is it and why does it matter? The Metropolitan Opera’s Live in HD series brings the best opera in the world to over 2,000 screens. The 10th anniversary season of MET Live in HD was on October 8, 2016. Fans of regular Met performances – who prefer the viewing experience of seeing opera at the movies -can see Met Live in HD in 72 countries around the world.

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Genius Refound – “The Other Mozart”

A prodigy, a scholar, and an artist determined to break out of a mold, Maria Anna Mozart found her stride in Salzburg.  Among the intelligentsia, she was regarded, but only as the sister of a genius who created Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute. In searching for the truth behind the woman, Sylvia Milo, actress in The Other Mozart, poured over hundreds of letters to discover Maria Anna Mozart, also known as Nannerl. “I was visiting Vienna for the 250th birthday celebrations of Wolfgang Amadeus’ life, and I was thrilled to explore the city following in Wolfi’s footsteps, many...

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Spectacle and Tradition at the 2014 Lincoln Center Festival

Eastern and Non-Western theater performances are not to be missed. In terms of seeing Asian art, Heisei Nakamura-za features some of the most impressive Kabuki theater in the world. Heisei Nakamura-za’s current production, Kaidan Chibusa no Enoki (The Ghost Tale of the Wet Nurse Tree), was a revelation. The performance was held from July 7th – 12th at the Rose Theater at Lincoln Center.

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