Day: February 2, 2018

A Theoretical Polarization Between Performability Versus Readability Or Towards “The Metaphysics Of A (Play) Text?”

In this essay, I want to discuss the interface the Semiotics of Theater and Theater Translation as well as about the theoretical polarization between the notions of performability and readability in Theater Translation since the mid-1980s. In the first part of the article, I present the different approaches to the study of theater put forward by theater semioticians like Zich, Mukařovský, Bogatyrëv, and Honzl (semioticians of the Prague School), Kowzan, and Ubersfeld. I also demonstrate how all theater semioticians’ agreement that the dramatic text (written text) is radically conditioned by its performability (mise en scène) has had a great impact upon translation studies and has led some theoreticians of translation studies to reexamine their position towards translating theater texts. In...

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Colliding Traditions Keep Chinese Opera Alive and Well

Chinese opera is as expansive and diverse as China itself – and it continues to thrive in the face of more modern entertainment. This article is brought to you by the 46th edition of the Hong Kong Arts Festival. Chinese opera expert Tam Wing-pong is a straight shooter when it comes to appraising Hong Kong’s opera scene. He is as vocal in expressing its flaws as he is about showing enthusiasm for its latest developments. Tam is regularly called up to critique local performances in his capacity as member of the Programme Committee of the Hong Kong Arts Festival Society, and...

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“What A Young Wife Ought To Know”: Birth Control Docudrama

Hannah Moscovitch’s play What A Young Wife Ought To Know, which is based on a compilation of letters women sent to famous birth control advocate Dr. Marie Stopes in the 1920s, tackles an uncomfortably difficult theme. It is particularly hard to watch nowadays when crimes, attempted against women, are coming to light every day. The subject matter of Moscovitch’s play, which is so deeply sad and disturbing, does not allow the spectator to relax for one minute from the overwhelming horror. Nevertheless, the playwright, with the director, technical crew, and actors, create an intimate, haunting story and infuse it with so...

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