Day: February 4, 2018

Fredric Mao Blasts Away Convention in a New Cantonese Opera

This article is brought to you by the 46th edition of the Hong Kong Arts Festival. If all you know of Chinese opera are painted faces and clashing cymbals it might be time for a revisit. And now’s your chance. As part of this year’s Hong Kong Arts Festival celebrated director Fredric Mao is shaking things up by reshaping a classic Cantonese opera for modern audiences. Called Pavilion of a Hundred Flowers, it’s a tale of star-crossed lovers and warring households that has echoes of Romeo and Juliet – with all of the intrigue and the drama that entails. “I wanted to choose a work that was accessible...

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“The Neighbor’s Grief is Greener”: A Dark Domesticity

A dreamy, perfect 1950’s housewife stands in the middle of a kitchen, cracking eggs and stirring flour into her bowl. But she isn’t making your regular American casserole; she’s cooking up a far bloodier dish. She dashes the pot on the ground, flooding the kitchen with blood. Emanuella Amichai’s tasty dance-theatre piece, The Neighbor’s Grief is Greener presents four archetypal 1950’s women practicing survival techniques in the face of the patriarchy. The women we see here are as vulnerable as plucked chickens; as sexually exploited as the women dominated by Trump in the infamous ‘Grab her by the pussy’ video. But can we...

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From Script To Stage: Sustaining The Rhythm In Performing Art In Nigeria

Can rhythm in theatre performances be sustained? Composing a moist and spicy story could be quite engaging. It involves a lot of mind drills and research, a lengthy journey to embark on but the wind-down results are always worth it especially when the piece is creatively marshaled. It is always an exciting occasion when I go to the theatres to watch good plays notched with present-day realities. The experiences and effects are such that chills my spine afterward. For any piece of theatre to be termed as terrific, there must be a flow of rhythm that guides it through...

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