Unknown, I Live With You presents parallel stories of journeys through writing towards empowerment. This mix-media installation directed by Krystian Lada is based on poems in verse by Afghan female writers: Freshta, Fattemah AH, Meena Z., and Roya. The poets created these works during clandestine (under the regime of the Taliban) creative writing workshops organized by the Afghan Women’s Writing Project; the participants of the workshop translated them from Dari into English. In Unknown, the verse-poems are spoken and sung – to music by Katarzyna Głowicka – by opera singers including international star Małgorzata Walewska and transgender singer Lucia Lucas. Lada was nominated for the prestigious Polityka Passport Award nominee in 2019 for his contribution to classical music forms.

Directed by Krystian Lada with music by Katarzyna Głowicka based on poems by Freshta, Fattemah AH, Meena Z., and Roya, The Airport Society (2018), Poland/Belgium.


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