In Magnificat, Marta Górnicka – internationally awarded for her contemporary approach to the classical chorus choir – together with her Chorus of Women explores and confronts socio-cultural images of femininity. Catholic Church and Virgin Mary serve as a central axis. Górnicka arranges texts from Euripides, Adam Mickiewicz, Elfriede Jelinek, the Bible, liturgy, newspaper clippings, sacred music, and pop culture into a rhythmic polyphony of words, sounds, and movements. Performed by 25 women from diverse social groups, Magnificat interrogates the power that the Catholic Church claims over the bodies and fates of women and stages of their protest. Magnificat won multiple awards at international festivals and was chosen by the Teatr magazine as Poland’s best alternative production of the 2010/11 season. 

Conceptualised and directed by Marta Górnicka. Chór Kobiet/The Chorus of Women (2011), Poland.


May 24, 5 am EST (NYC) until May 25, 5 pm EST (NYC)


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