The North-American premiere of Joachim Holbek’s and Rhea Leman’s 2015 opera, The Rosenbergs presents a new lens for looking at the relationship of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, the US citizens convicted of spying for the Soviet Union. Drawing on their letters from prison in 1953, this moving exploration of the Rosenbergs’ personal and political commitment is intensely realised, with Christie Lee Gibson and Brian Church excelling as the doomed couple trying to navigate a difficult line between idealism and naivety. What would you be prepared to do for what you believe in? This is a production that allows The Rosenbergs a new trial, inviting the audience to come to its own conclusions about what moral responsibility means and how to exercise it.

JOACHIM HOLBEK is a Danish composer who started writing music for the theater and the ballet in 1981 and since has composed music for over 70 film and theater productions working with directors such as: Lars von Trier, Lone Scherfig, Ole Bornedal, and others. He has been awarded the Robert Prize for best film music four times and received the Honor Danish Film Award for music, BODIL.

An independent playwright, director, and screenwriter, RHEA LEMAN’s plays have been performed throughout Europe and the U.S.A., including awards and critical acclaim for THE ROSENBERGS (Best Opera of 2015 by CphCulture); HITLER ON THE ROOF; GORILLA (Reumert Committee nomination); Danish Committee for the Performing Arts Director’s Award; Allen Prize from the Danish Screen and Stage writers Guild for “excellent dramatic writing”.  From 2003-2007, Rhea chaired The Danish Theater Council.  She is the Artistic Director of Dramafronten, a platform for new play development.

Scenic  Design       Cameron Anderson
Lighting Design     Christopher Ostrom
Costume Design    Rachel Padula Shufelt
Music Director       Cristi Catt

May 10, 2 pm EST (NYC)The Rosenbergs Post Show talk with Joachim Holbek, Rhea Leman, and Dmitry Troyanovsky – Zoom Room


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