City Garage presented the world premiere of Opheliamachine in 2013, a female response to Heiner Muller’s famous Hamletmachine.  Directed by Frédérique Michel and produced by Charles A. Duncombe this bold new text conveys the complexity of a century of women’s experiences in a series of kaleidoscopic episodes. A fierce, modern-day Ophelia is trapped inside the machinery that has created her consciousness, fighting to be heard. Hamlet, overwhelmed by the ceaseless flood of media, watches TV mindlessly, flipping channels with his remote control, consuming a mishmash of human beauty and horror, a daily soup of innocence and violence.  This smart, ruthlessly funny play, tracks Ophelia’s impossible journey to bridge that vast space. It is a postmodern tale of love, sex, and politics in the fragmented world of our confused emotions and our modern, global, virtual sexuality.


May 28, 8 pm EST (NYC) to May 31, 12 am EST (NYC) 


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