April 28, 6 am EST /12pm CET – April 30, 6 pm EST / 12pm CET

Perfect Match is a documentary theatre performance about the importance of love and relationships in the new migratory movements often seen as a threat in contrast with the gentrification crisis in most European cities and the arrival of migrants from rich countries that are often described as expats. How are these two groups differently received? How are love relationships marked and conditioned by migration movements in Europe?The script was built through testimonies and the stories and life experiences of the performers, born in very different countries: Portugal, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, and Italy.Perfect Match opens a new chapter in the journey of Hotel Europa’s company — the theme of migrations.

Created by André Amálio and Tereza Havlíčková

Hotel Europa (2022), Portugal

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This post was written by Created by André Amálio and Tereza Havlíčková, Hotel Europa (2022), Portugal.

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