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About the Novel: “Dreams that didn’t come true shattered the people I was born and raised among… I struggled to keep up with the city. I was in bruises all over. As I struggled, I was separated from the people I was born and raised with. But I resisted in order to protect my own values, my language and the love that those people had for me with an unstoppable enthusiasm. This novel is a gift to me from the people I grew up with for this resistance.”

About Latife Tekin Game: “We listen to the struggle of a large family who migrated from the village to the city through the eyes of the youngest daughter of the family, Dirmit. In the one-room house they are stuck in, they all make their own way in their struggle to hold on to the city. Dirmit girl, on the other hand, finds various ways to cope with the difficulties she encounters, thanks to her relentless curiosity and strength of resistance. Trying to protect him from the city, his mother Atiye, his father Huvat and his brothers are smitten with Dirmit’s ways and put all kinds of obstacles on him under the guidance of customs and traditions. But does Dirmit stop, he doesn’t stop!” – Hakan Emre Unal- Courtesy ErdenAbout the Process: The play is a product of the research to get to know Dirmit from the point where the novel touches the actor, and the other characters in the novel through Dirmit’s narrative, and to bring the magical realist language of the novel, establishing through the author-narrator, to the stage in the simplest way with the character-narrator.

Written by Latife Tekin
Adapted to stage by Hakan Emre Ünal and Nezaket Erden

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This post was written by Written by Latife Tekin, Adapted to stage by Hakan Emre Ünal and Nezaket Erden, Tiyatro Hemhâl (2018), Turkey.

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