We Are War is a broken work, made of fragments, an apocryphal gospel that includes another vision of the myth, an unofficial account of the body that awaits the miracle: The announcement and the experience of motherhood are the triggers. The proposal is purely intuitive, a succession of images, dances, and soundscapes related to laments (water as a key element of universal folklore, from tears to sweat, from eroticism to bad omen, from birth to death), war ( the global and the private that makes its mark on each body) and Marian references from a pagan perspective.

Directed by Luz Arcas
Dance: Luz Arcas, Marcos Matus Ramírez and Raquel Sánchez
Translated by Geoffrey Ballinger

2016, La Phàrmaco, Spain

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This post was written by Directed by Luz Arcas, La Phàrmaco (2016), Spain.

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