April 21, 6 am EST /12pm CET – April 24, 6 pm EST / 12pm CET

Can our times be laughed at and forgiven? The group offended people again and again. The people who offended them would mostly harass them remotely, but never in front of the group. A group that does not feel offended will forget their wrongs and do things to offend people again. Angry people get angrier and angrier, but the group cannot be eradicated from society. Because there was something remarkably lovely in that group. The performance addresses our current situation of cyber-bullying, media overload, and interpersonal isolation in our pandemic times.

Written and Directed by: Suguru Yamamoto

2022, Theater Collective Hanchu-Yuei, Japan

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Supported by: Japan Arts Council, THE SAISON FOUNDATION
Affiliation: Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre
Planning and Production / Organizer: HANCHU-YUEI LLC.

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This post was written by Written and Directed by Suguru Yamamoto, Theater Collective Hanchu-Yuei (2022), Japan.

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