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“But what has man always wanted? A roof and a fire, captive of both.” Nikos Karathanos’ Prometheus comes to give only a breath of freedom.

The Caucasus does not exist here. No rock and no chain hold Prometheus captive. Everything happens in a house. In a meteorite house floating in space-time and overwhelmed by the four elements of nature. Prometheus (Nikos Karathanos), Kratos and Hermes (Christos Loulis), Via and Io (Galini Hatzipashali), Hephaistos and Oceanus (Yiannis Kotsifas) live there, like relatives, and “create the world.”

“To live means to eat light and darkness every minute.” Nikos Karathanos approaches the tragedy of Aeschylus attempting, as he says, to “mythologize everyday life”: “I have always tried to understand how a pain in a room leaves the walls, travels through the air, gives birth to monsters and gods and gives rise to a myth.”
Directed by Nikos Karathanos
from Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus
2021, Onassis Stegi, Greece

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