Other Spaces Collectives video series The Angle of Water 104.45˚  invite spectators to try out different manifestations of water, and to approach the particularities of water as a chemical substance through bodily exercises.  The series contains 8 episodesIn every episode, we present one exercise. We first demonstrate and explain the exercise, and after this, we invite you to do the exercise together with us. You can do the exercise by yourself, or together with your fellow humans.  Through the video series, Other Spaces places the investigation of the manifestations of water into a wider context. Of the molecules in the human body, 99% are water molecules. Through the cycle of water, we are connected to the origins of water and the Earth, as well as to the oceans, lakes, rivers, and glaciers of the Earth.

The Other Spaces is a Live Art collective from Helsinki, Finland. The group’s artistic work is based on collective bodily exercises, participatory performances, and workshops that enable experiential contact with non-human forms and phenomena, in other words, “visits into other spaces”. The collective’s goals include facilitating more sustainable and collective ways of thinking and behaving and increasing our understanding of the mutual equality and interdependence between all kinds of living beings.

Concept by Timo Jokitalo, Minja Mertanen, and Sanni Priha, Other Spaces.

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This post was written by Concept by Timo Jokitalo, Minja Mertanen and Sanni Priha, Other Spaces (Toisissa tiloissa, 2021), Finland.

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