The film based on a student’s works from the disciplines «Shadow laboratory», «The dramaturgy of form», «The basis of stage improvisations», which was creating during distance learning. The plot of the film combines original works of different forms and techniques, which gives you the opportunity to delve into the inner world and personal history of each creator. It’s very important for us to share with the viewer what concerns us today, so we use every opportunity for creative expression. War, evacuation, emigration, and lack of electricity supply limit our technical capabilities and possibilities for theatre expression, but this’s our art “here and now”, and we’re sincere and truthful in it. The main goal of the project is to continue training the professional skills of the participants, as well as the formation of pedagogical conditions for the professional training of actors/creators/authors in the modern theater of the form with an art therapeutic aspect in a digital. The implementation of the project allowed not only to find new tools for the training of artists of visual, theatrical and performative arts, but also contributed to the creation of a balanced system of art therapeutic activities for working with both creative burnout and the consequences of post-traumatic syndrome for viewers/observers/participants of interactive artistic and therapeutic groups.

Directed by: Svitlana Dovletova, Juliia Bilinski and Nataliia Shapovalova

Student Theatre «ANIMA», Department of Animation Theatre Acting and Directing and Department of Acting and Stage Directing, Kharkiv I.P. Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts, Kharkiv, Ukraine


Tell Everyone | Just Tell No One Amplifying the critical voices of Ukrainian Playwrights in a Time of War

April 29, 2023 – 2:15 pm EST / 18:15 pm CET

This panel focuses on the show, Just Tell No One, and broader questions of theatre in a time of war. Just Tell No One reveals the human consequences of war. This site-specific, multimedia show immerses the audience in these human stories and images of conflict so exquisitely painful they can no longer be perceived as real. It’s intimate, tender, brutal, and darkly funny, illuminating a part of the world where an incomprehensible set of rules is at play, and people struggle to make sense of the complexity of one another with life and death consequences.

Hosted by Philip Arnoult, Founder & Director, Center for International Theatre Development (CITD)

John Freedman, Director of Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings, a project of the Center for International Theatre Development (CITD).

Igor Golyak, Artistic Director, Arlekin Players Theatre and (zero-G) Virtual Theatre Lab; Director, Just Tell No One.

Oksana Savchenko, Ukrainian Playwright, Member of the Theatre of Playwrights, Kyiv; Author of Just Tell No One, an excerpt from the full-length play Night Devours Morning, which was translated by John Freedman.

Natal’ya Vorozhbit, Ukrainian Playwright, Member of the Theatre of Playwrights, Kyiv; Author of Bad Roads, translated by Sasha Dugsdale, and Three Rendezvous, translated by John Freedman with Natalia Bratus.

Produced by Sara Stackhouse



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