Ophelation is inspired by Hamlet and Hamletmachine but goes beyond both works by doing a collective, yet casual, contemplation on Bard’s Hamlet. After months of close reading, discussion, and rehearsal, and in search of new meanings and forms, the Iranian Gray Room collective decided to blend the outcome of this process with Freud’s theory of multiple layers of sleep and Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty. The result is a performance, free from restrictive stylistic or ideological boundaries, dealing with questions that this young collective face in and outside of their theatrical life.

Written by: Mohammad Kazem Damghani
Directed by: Melika Mirzaei and Mohammed Kazem Damghani

2021, Gray Room Theatre, Iran


Featuring Azadeh Ganjeh, Nassim Soleimanpour, Keyvan Sarreshteh, and moderator Marjan Moosavi, this conversation exploreS Iranian theatre artists’ ethical vision and creative practice in response to the Woman, Life, Freedom movement.

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This post was written by Written by Mohammad Kazem Damghani, Directed by Melika Mirzaei and Mohammed Kazem Damghani, Gray Room Theatre (2021), Iran.

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