Caterina is a theatrical exploration of the life and legacy of Saint Catherine of Siena, the patron saint of Italy and Europe, and a Doctor of the Church. The show delves into the challenges and sacrifices that Catherine Benincasa faced throughout her life, as well as the impact she had on those around her. At the same time, it explores the commodification of her story, and to what extent she was turned into a product in the market of sainthood: a profitable symbol of religious devotion at a time of generalized crisis of faith. On stage, four performers seek to find the answers through their own physical and emotional endurance: they put their bodies and souls at the service of a production that is full of disparate energies. They inhabit and allow themselves to be inhabited by the same spectacle that transformed Catherine into a saint, progressively becoming more aware that there is an audience watching that they need to please and entertain. An invitation to reflect on the basis of myth-making, the nature of sainthood, and the intersection of faith, power and commercialism.

Written by: Cristina Masoni
Directed by: Amaia Azkue

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