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Aida Rocci

Aida Rocci
regional managing editor

Aida Rocci is a Spanish theatre artist currently based in London. She was the production dramaturg for shows such as Eve Ensler’s In the Body of the World directed by Diane Paulus and Peter Brook’s The Man Who directed by Marcus Stern. She holds a Master in Fine Arts in Dramaturgy and Theater Studies from the American Repertory Theater /MXAT Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University and an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice (Distinction) from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Her MFA thesis, A New Kind of Joy: The Theatre of Dmitry Krymov, is the largest piece on the Russian director to have been written in English. She has taught at Harvard University’s Theatre Dance and Media Department as a Teaching Fellow. She also co-founded 'Punkt Collective and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

“United Queendom”: When Immersive Theatre Meets Historical Reenactment Tour

United Queendom shines with potential. The location itself offers the thrill of being after hours in a royal palace, the expectations of whispers and court intrigue. Queen Caroline and Henrietta Howard bring a captivating tale and Les Enfants Terribles have a relevant lens to approach it and a bold aesthetic to make a memorable event. But I wished I had been part more of an immersive show than of a historical tour.

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Any One Thing’s “Recollection”: Breaking The Threshold Of Immersive Theatre

Recollection takes up to six participants in a thrilling journey about the importance of memories and personal data. Going beyond the sensational premise, the budding Any One Thing ambitiously explores the ideas of ‘personalized’ and ‘immersive’ theatre in depth, taking the genre to the boundaries of what is real.

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“The Justice Syndicate”: How Do You Make Decisions? Immersive Theatre and Jury Duty

An empty room. A large table. 12 iPads, 12 note pads, and 12 name desk holders that designate “Juror” along with a number. That is the simple setting for The Justice Syndicate, a new piece by fanSHEN. This interactive play revolves around a jury deliberation on a high-profile sexual assault case.

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Building Bridges: A Transcultural Collaboration Between Spain and the UK

Rodrigo Arribas (from Span’s Fundación Siglo de Oro) describes the transnational collaborative process that gave rise to his company, which has been the first to present a non-English speaking author at the Shakespeare Globe. Reflecting on the models that have arisen from the collaboration between Spain and the UK, he reflects on what differentiates and unites us in theatre.

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