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This annual festival stages enduring Chinese opera performances across various regional genres, and plays host to a variety of activities including lectures, film screenings, artists’ talks, meet-and-greets, and exhibitions.


Founded in 2010, this festival aims to highlight the richness and beauty of Chinese opera, and help audiences understand the art form in all its many variations.

This year’s festival opens with a rerun of Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe’s acclaimed full-length version of The Palace Of Eternal Life. Stemming from the Qing dynasty, this everlasting tragedy features the love between the Emperor and Lady Yang, and the An Lushan Rebellion.

The programme also includes the Cantonese opera The Return Of Lady Wenji, starring renowned Hong Kong veteran performers, and the classic comedy Three Glimpses Of The Princess, which will be performed by Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe of Shaoxing.

Additionally, the Chinese Opera Festival plays host to extension activities, including classic film screenings.

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This post was written by Zolima CityMag.

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