An off-Broadway musical about the art of producing a musical and the love of show business “Sesame Street: The Musical” brings to life the voices and ideas of a magical street unlike any other. Alongside Elmo, Cookie Monster, Rosita, Bert, Ernie, and the impossible not to like, Count von Count, a host of other helpful characters delve into behind-the-scenes moments helping kids to grow more prudent, mightier, and kinder along the way.

Produced by Rockefeller Productions and Sesame Workshop—the company behind the iconic American television show “Sesame Street,” the live cabaret variety show is family entertainment not to be missed. From the opening number to the big finale, the original work captivates audiences with its imaginative new modes of expression.

Centered around a love of learning the highly refined production written and directed by Jonathan Rockefeller brims with live puppetry, mesmerizing stagecraft, and new numbers by Broadway’s brightest songwriters. The formal staging imparts creative young learners with lessons beyond identifying letters and counting numbers.

Creating a relationship between you and the music, the new compositions by Tom Kitt, Helen Park, and Nate Edmondson are mixed in with classic Sesame Street songs admirers know and love. Having an insistent rhythm, Cookie Monster’s catchy “Cookie, Cookie, Cookie, starts with C” rendition is heartwarming. The piece was the pinnacle of the entertainment-filled morning.

A determined Cookie Monster learns self-regulation in Sesame Street: The Musical. Photo courtesy: Sesame Workshop.

In pursuit of constantly pushing content to new heights, Sesame Street’s ensemble cast of unconventional personalities is putting on a musical. Somehow, the monsters forgot to book a celebrity guest star. Projects rarely go as planned. Bert has stage fright. Running the show backstage, a lovable lamb averts a crisis when a certain someone is plucked from the audience to save the day.

Tweaked right up to and during its grand finale number, the sensory-friendly neon-lit stage musical offers a good-hearted dose of encouragement on account of actor Stephen Fala who effectively channels improvisational charm in the role of celebrity guest star.

A theme woven into the production’s storyline is the idea of shared responsibilities. Running a show requires agility and the willingness to adapt to changes. In the end, their efforts paid off, delivering a rhythmic foot-tapping experience.

Working together with some of Broadway’s best-known talent, best friends Bert and Ernie are eager to discover new things about the world. Known for his love of baths, Ernie sings “Rubber Duckie” as bubbles from the ceiling descend on excited playgoers.

From the spatial to the visual to the musical components that go into creating harmonies and notes, a sense of wonder prevails. Clearly evident are new forms of make-believe that can only be described as good clean fun.

Embedded into the social fabric of “Sesame Street: The Musical” are unexpected moments. Oscar the Grouch, critic at large for the newspaper “New Yuck Times” adds a bit of real-world abrasiveness to the otherwise sunny and gentle lineup.

Oscar the Grouch, critic at large for the newspaper “New Yuck Times” in Sesame Street: The Musical. Photo courtesy: Sesame Workshop and Rockefeller. Productions.

An imaginative sort—Grover—Sesame Street’s gregarious monster performs a musical rendition of “Fuzzy and Blue” alongside Cookie Monster, imparting young learners with a deepened sense of collective belonging.

Steeped in cultural significance, Sesame Street appeals to the hearts and minds of its global audience. In France, the children’s TV series is known as 5, Rue Sésame. The show has won 11 Grammys and 214 Emmys. In Amsterdam, Bert and Ernie dolls are prominently displayed in a deli window next to the Hotel Estheréa library where I’m writing from.

Providing the tools for self-esteem, the performing arts are integral to a child’s education. When it comes to spotlighting the essential human need for creative expression, “Sesame Street: The Musical” takes the crown.

A grooming for better things to come, “Sesame Street: The Musical” is an entertainment destination serving the needs of modern-day younglings everywhere. Performances run through November 27, 2022, at Theatre Row Theatre, 410 West 42nd Street. For all the delicious details drop by

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