Brought by Amizero Kompagnie from Rwanda, Radio Play will be staged within the ongoing 23rd Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theatre.

Directed by Wesley Rusibiza, the dark comedy Radio Play will be staged 26 and 27 September in Metropole Theatre in Cairo.

The play is performed by Amizero Kompagnie, an independent non-profit theatre company created in 2005 by the University Centre for Arts and Drama in Butare “with the aim of developing and promoting Rwandan dancers and elevating the dance sector to a professional level on the national and international scene,” reads the troupe’s website.

The performance touches on the censorship imposed on Rwanda’s radio, uncover through a young woman, Lady Hibou, who hosts a late night call-in show.

The viewer is taken through “the stories of the unsaid, failed relationships, secret diseases, sexuality and hidden hatreds,” the troupe’s promotional material explains. “It turns out everyone has a secret, and there is a cost to pretending that everything is okay.”

The play premiered in 2014 at Burundi’s Buja Sans Tabou Festival. It has since toured several African countries including Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia. This is the first time for the play to be performed in North Africa.

Radio Play is being performed as part of the 23rd Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theatre which runs between 20 and 30 September.

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