The troupe Teatr Animacji will take part in the ongoing 23rd Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theatre.

Moliere, a play directed by Neville Tranter, will be performed 27 and 28 September at the 23rd Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theatre.

The performance focuses on Molière in the last months of his life, when he wrote his last play, The Impostor (Tartuffe). Large puppets which represent Molière, his family, entourage and even Louis XIV of France, are wonderfully guided by the actors present on stage.

Viewers follow scenes that deal with the relationship between Molière and the king, infusing them with political undertones of the time. In the scenes that include Moliere’s wife, a charming lady luring with her femininity, the audience is offered a good dosage of explicit humour.

The performance is also engaging on a visual level, with captivating costumes and props. The finery of the costumes and props used accentuate the spectacular visual experience.

This is the second time for the play to visit Egypt. The play was staged in Alexandria in April, during the Alexandria International Festival for Contemporary Theatre.

Important note: Though Moliere is performed with puppets, the play is for adult audiences only.

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