The 2018 Edinburgh Fringe will be particularly exciting for those interested in Polish theatre.

Established Polish Theatres at the Festival

The multi-award-winning Teatr Biuro Podróży comes to Edinburgh with two shows. The multi-awarded Carmen Funebre, performed at the Fringe twenty-three years ago, focuses on the impact of the war in the context of the Bosnian conflict. Teatr Biuro Podróży will show it only for four days (August 16-19). Their new outdoor production Silence. Cisza W Troi [Silence. The Silence In Troy] will be performed for the entire festival (August 3-19, 21-26). This sequel to Carmen Funebre responds to the refugee crisis and displacement.

The highly acclaimed Komuna//Warszawa will bring their Cezary Idzie Na Wojnę [Cezary Goes To War] described by a Polish critic Krystyna Duniec as a “sensational” production that “unmasks totalitarian character of patriarchy and the violence-centered vision of the world.” Cezary Idzie Na Wojnę explores these issues through the lens of military recruitment assessments and war itself. We wrote about this show in our special report from the 2017 Divine Comedy Festival.

Inspired by Poland

The Fringe will also welcome productions from the UK that are rooted in Polish Theatre and history.

Come To Daddy, originating from Rose Bruford, claims to be inspired by Tadeusz Kantor and his Cricot 2 Theatre. Dr. Korczak’s Example by Strange Town Theatre Company looks at the final days of the Warsaw Ghetto and the heroic Janusz Korczak. Legend has it that he refused his life to be saved and chose to accompany Jewish orphans on their way to Treblinka camp.

If you are in Edinburgh this August, do not miss these exciting Polish-inspired productions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

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