Minutes FlowLos minutos se vierten (Minutes Flow), an experimental theater/dance piece, is showing at Teatro Sergio Magaña in Mexico City from September 27 until October 26, 2016.

The play is a collective creation based on a text by Carolina Estrada and directed by Adrián Asdrúbal Galindo Vega. Members of the cast include Alejandra Díaz, Gabriela del Río, Marisol Paredes, Yollotl Manzur, Natalia Alanis, and Iván Caldera Álvarez.

The play dramatizes an ontological search through the grandmother. A group of men and women narrate—via music, dance, videos, and theatrical language—their relationship with their respective grandmothers. They use a direct and honest language to honor them and to show audiences the role that ancestors

The anecdotes become interlaced through memories, and the characters apologize for not having spent more time with their grandmothers, for having snubbed them. Ultimately, the actors express a desire to reconnect with their loved ones through the language of theatre and dance.

Minutes Flow is part of a series of performances organized by an Experimental Laboratory of Art called Onirismos co-founded by Ana Belén Ortiz Matamoros and Adrián Asdrúbal Galindo Vega in 2003. For the last thirteen years, a multidisciplinary group of young actors has gathered to perform short theatrical pieces whose objective is to join spectators and artists in the act of creating art.

During the tenth anniversary of Onirismos, Ortiz Matamoros said she was honored to have been one of its founding members. Her fondest memory was the opportunity to create art with absolute freedom. Despite the effort, time, and energy that performance requires, she was glad that all those involved were able to realize their dreams.

According to Galindo Vega, Onirismos started because a group of artists was interested in creating theater that was closely related to their personal experiences. They wanted to distance themselves from traditional plays and to begin to experiment. Thus the idea of a lab.

Galindo Vega’s involvement in the theater is quite varied. He has worked with small groups in theater workshops and took some classes at the Facultad de Estudios Superiores (FES) Acatlán. At UNAM, Mexico’s national university, he studied directing and dramaturgy and at the Colegio de Literatura Dramática y Teatro he got a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Literary Drama.

Go to http://carteleradeteatro.mx/2015/los-minutos-se-vierten/ for more details.


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