Mother, I’m Going to Sue You

Mamá te voy a demandar  (Mother, I’m Going to Sue You)

Will be showing at Teatro Milan in Foro Lucerna between September 5 and November 22, 2016

Author: Alberto Castillo
Director: Gema Aparicio
Cast: Emoé de la Parra and Alpha Acosta

A comedy about the complicated relation between mothers and daughters. The play explores why, despite their intimacy, this particular mother/daughter duo has problems understanding each other. In part, their relation is at odds because they are the products of different value systems. The mother is a revolutionary hippie in favor of free love, while her daughter is a misfit in a world made up of individuals interested only in material goods and economic success. What Director Gema Aparicio finds intriguing about the piece is that even though parents desire the best for their children, they do not necessarily always succeed.

Author Alberto Castillo was born in Mexico City in 1969.  He got his B.A. in Arts and Letters at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Autonomous National University of Mexico) and attended the School for Writers at the Sociedad General de Escritores de México (General Society of Mexican Writers) as well as the Universiteit van Amsterdam in Holland. He is the author of five plays. His first play, El Edipo imaginario, o cómo cometer incesto sin sacarse los ojos (The Imaginary Oedipus or How to Commit Incest Without Taking Your Eyes Out, 1993) was performed twenty years later in an updated version entitled El Edipo imaginario o embarázame y vete (The Imaginary Oedipus or Get Me Pregnant and Leave). In an interview the playwright was surprised by how current the theme continues to be. Castillo has also published a novel, Letargo de Bahía (Bay Lethargy, 1992), and a collection of short stories: Calor, cuentos húmedos (Heat, Wet Stories, 1998).

In addition to directing, Aparicio is an actress and a theater specialist. She studied drama at the UNAM, took acting classes at the Casa del Teatro, and theatre production with Ludwik Margules. In Mexico she has directed Remedios para Leonora (Remedios for Leonora) by Estela Leñero, Puño Americano 4 (American Fist 4) by Mariana Hartasanchez, Perdida en los Apalaches (Lost in Appalachia) by José Sanchis Sinisterra. AguaSangre (WaterBlood) by Estela Leñero, Letargo Cibernético (Cybernetic Lethargy) by Sharon Kleinberg, and Ideosfera (Ideosphere) by Marisol Flores. Both in Spain and Mexico she has also directed multiple staged readings to promote current Latin American drama.

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