Kazakhstan’s State Republican Academic Korean Theater of Musical Comedy has received international recognition with an award “For Merits in the Development of Culture and Art” from the Interparliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States (IPA CIS).

The unique theatre company’s Director Lyubov Ny received the award in March.  IPA CIS is an interstate body of the Commonwealth of Independent States that implements parliamentary cooperation of the CIS member states and develops joint proposals of national parliaments of the Commonwealth countries on issues of mutual interest. For more than 85 years the Korean theatre has preserved and developed Korean national culture, being an integral part of the diverse culture of Kazakhstan.

Earlier that month, within the framework of the official visit at the invitation of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the delegation of the Parliament of the delegation of the Republic of Korea headed by the Speaker of the Parliament Chon Se Gyeong visited the State Republican Academic Korean Theater of Musical Comedy.  In his speech, the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Korea, Chong Se Gun, thanked the Kazakh side for the warm and cordial welcome, presented the audience to all the members of the parliamentary delegation, that the current visit will contribute to the further strengthening of interstate relations and the development of the national culture of Kazakh Koreans.

About The Korean Theater of Musical Comedy

The State Republican Korean Theater of Musical Comedy was founded in 1932 in the Far East of Russia, in 1937, as a result of deportation, was transported to the city of Kzyl-Orda of the Kazakh SSR. Our theater is the first national Korean theater in the world and the only state Korean theater that operates outside the Korean peninsula. Over 80 years on our stage were presented more than 250 performances and concert programs, which were viewed by over 5 million viewers. The repertoire of the theater includes national and modern Korean performances, as well as performances by Kazakh and foreign playwrights. All performances are in Korean with simultaneous translation into Russian.

Professional forces representing all genres of Korean national art are concentrated in the theater: the drama troupe, folklore and ethnographic group “Samulnori,” ballet of traditional Korean dance and soloists-vocalists.
Developing in line with the single ethnocultural policy of Kazakhstan, the Korean theater retains its national flavor, identity, and language, enriching the culture of Koreans living in a multi-ethnic environment.

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