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KAFKAMACHINE Device#1.0 – Assembled by Ana Fradique

Having as starting point Félix Guattari’s manuscript Project pour un film de Kafka, KAFKAMACHINE is an organizational experiment on the cooperations to come that takes place in the midst of the marvels of financial economy and the crises of Europe, when the precariousness of immaterial labour defines our everyday life, and semiocapitalism exercises its arbitrary power on us. Is it possible to seek a way out together, but without anyone being able to lecture or show what is the right way?

KM Device#1.0 is an audiovisual interface that presents the unworking of what would be the direction, production,and showcase of a film made by Kafka. This device brings to light footage from KAFKAMACHINE project for the first time, and it does so in an interactive manner, letting Kafka’s movie to happen, yet never to be finished by him, a director, or anyone in particular. It is an electronic processor invested of code and an algorithmic-script that lets its users input to remix, re-connect and re-associate different video sequences, allowing the construction of infinite and open narrative possibilities. It questions the role of human and non-human agents in the processes of production of subjectivity, along with those of the making of moving images. This first version of the device focus on the footage from the transatlantic boat trip proposed by Ana as the 6th workshop in the series of Guattari’s plan. The journey was taken on the grounds of Kafka’s novel Amerika, or in some other translations The One Who Disappeared.

KAFKAMACHINE project has been undertaken by the collectives Mollecular Organization (Finland), Presque Ruines (France) and Ueinzzz Theatre (Brazil), and also counted on the individual contributions of Lisa Rave, Julio Lucio, Lucas Rodrigues and Bracha Ettinger, to name a few, arriving at a total of 40 participants so far.

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This post was written by Ana Fradique.

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