The coletivA ocupação creates in its second show a choreography of the impossible, a scene of Party and War, which starts from the image that crosses us: What is the end of the world for worlds that have ended long ago? 16 performers transfigure themselves throughout the play into beings of different cosmologies, modifying their bodies to transmute themselves to other worlds. coletivA’s dance is born from the quest of the body that carries a remembrance, the words are redistributed from their ancestral memories, which provoke a personification, an uprising of the dead. The eruption is what we have in common, rebel bodies that spin in the tremors of the experience of coloniality in a context of the struggle between past, present, and future. Resumption of the scene. Resumption of the land.

Directed by: Martha Kiss Perrone
Performed and Created by: Abraão Kimberley, Akinn, Alicia Esteves, Alvim Silva, Ariane Aparecida, Benedito Beatriz, Dj Shaolin, Ícaro Pio, Lara Júlia Chaves, Letícia Karen, Lilith Cristina, Marcela Jesus, Marcéu Maria Fernandes, Mel Oliveira, Matheus Maciel, PH Veríssimo

Password: full_3rupca0_

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