This Is The Real Thing

“This is The Real Thing,” directed by Anna Nowicka, is a production that places the body at its very center. A single dancer creates and deconstructs her environment, playing in the landscape of visual meanings and possible references. Her own body flickers and transforms, remaining in the process of continuous becoming. Various qualities, textures, fragments of emotions, associations, situations, intentions, characters, actions, become embodied, but none of them is fixed in the form of a visual object. The physical body functions rather as an infinite hypertext, referring the viewer to more and more new associations. The dialogue between the real body and its visual representations raises the question of what the body actually is, how we perceive it, and to what extent we can consciously construct it. THREE DAYS ONLY! May 21, 9 am EST (NYC) until May 24, 6 pm EST (NYC)

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