Beatriz Cabur

Beatriz Cabur
executive director

Beatriz Cabur is a Spanish theatre maker based in London. Playwright, Theatre Director and Dramaturg, she has written and/or directed over 35 plays which have been produced in 6 countries: Spain, Mexico, Italy, Austria, the UK and the USA.  She graduated in Playwriting and Theatre Directing from the RESAD, Madrid, Spain in 2000, and has Master of Advanced Studies in Audiovisual Communications from the UCM, Madrid, Spain. Beatriz is member of the international network for working playwrights, The Fence. Member of The League of Professional Theatre Women and Founder and President of the LMPT. Member of Women in the Arts and Media Coalition. European Managing Director of 365 Women A Year. Former Head of the Hispanic Languages Committee of Eurodram and former Executive Director of New International Theatre Experience (NITE). She is the Founder of The Theatre Times, Worldwide Theatre News. Beatriz works incessantly to make The Theatre Time's network grow, in order to facilitate transcontinental collaborative models across the world for theatre makers.

Secret Cinema’s Most Recent Production: A Recreated World Of Ridley Scott’s Classic Film “Blade Runner: The Final Cut”

Creating large-scale cultural experiences in abandoned spaces, Secret Cinema fuses film, music, theatre, and installations where audiences explore ultra-immersive worlds in which fiction and reality blur. In 2007, Secret Cinema introduced site-specific, immersive cultural experiences. Breaking films–and recently music albums–into their constituent parts and marrying narratives with play-along action, Secret Cinema is a unique participatory social experience. Fueled by a desire to fill the void left by an over-saturated technological world, it invites audiences to lose themselves in serendipitous, imaginary environments that challenge the way we perceive culture and social interaction. To date, over 520,000 people have attended Secret Cinema’s...

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The Words of The Plays

Continta me tienes, the Spanish publishing house, sent us the volume The Words of the Plays, featuring four full-length plays and four short texts by the theatre director, playwright, and actor Pablo Messiez. Messiez was born in 1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and he has been working mainly in Spanish theatre. Last year he won a MAX award, the main national award, as a theatre director, and this season he has been commissioned to lead a production from the Spanish National Theatre. The plays featured in the book are Muda (Mute), Los ojos (The Eyes), Las plantas (The Plants),...

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I Want To Hear You Breathing: A Conversation With Mischa Dohler

The Theatre Times recently republished an article called “A New Form of Theatre Consumption Aims to Revolutionize the World of Theatre.”  If you have been following our transmedia section, you will remember several examples of theatre-makers trying to revolutionize the theatre world in recent years. Lots of directors, playwrights, dancers, choreographers, companies, performers are including newly developed technological tools in their stagings, making a plethora of manifestations of highly technological theatre and networked performances all over the world, but this particular article got us thinking, and it was mainly because of the breakdown of topics involved in the project: sound, vision,...

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The Royal Court Market Stall

The Theatre Times interviews Ola Animashawun, Artistic Associate at The Royal Court Theatre and one of the project producers on The Royal Court Market Stall in Pimlico to learn about their work engaging the community in London. The Theatre Times: Opening a market stall to promote theatre may sound like a slightly unusual idea to our international readers. How did you come up with it? Ola Animashawun: Well we knew we wanted a local presence, something to raise our profile on the ground within the local community and to announce our arrival, whilst creating something that had a sense...

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Interview with Spanish Scenic Designer Jose Luis Raymond

José Luis Raymond is a multi award-winning Spanish Stage Designer, Director, Plastic Artist, and Professor of Stage Design at the Royal School of Dramatic Arts (RESAD) in Madrid. His theatrical career started in 1975 and he has been a reference in the Spanish and European Theatre for decades now.  How did you get started in the theatre? What people influenced and inspired you along the way? Any seminal teachers and mentors? Since I was very young, my way to communicate and express myself artistically has always been through plastic art and theatre. They both still produce in me an...

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Spanish Playwright Jose Padilla Never Surrenders

José Padilla is one of the brightest lights in the Spanish theatre right now.  Amongst his original plays, two stand out: Los cuatro de Düsseldorf which premiered in 2014 and was directed by himself; and Sagrado Corazón 45.  He wrote a version of Henry VIII, which was directed by Ernesto Arias and which premiered at the Globe Theatre in London.  He is currently working as a director on his new play Haz clic aquí (Click Here) at the Spanish National Theatre. Click Here will be staged also at Moscow Art Theatre.Next year he will have that same play presented as a part...

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Interview with Spanish Playwright Antonio Rojano

Antonio Rojano is a self-taught playwright, and he is well-taught! He has won almost every main Spanish theatre award there is, and he has even been nominated for a BAFTA for the script of “Deadlight”, a video game for Xbox Live Arcade & Steam. Antonio represents a new generation of writers able to depict the times we live in with a strong dramatic voice. What is your first childhood memory of theatre? I remember, playing a role in a theatre workshop at school. I also have memories listening to radio plays when I was a child. When did you...

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Madrid’s Microtheatre Revitalizes Local Scene

On a Saturday night, Madrid’s Microtheatre performs 54 mini-shows back to back in the theatre’s five rooms often sell-out crowds. This is the face of the new Spain, post-crisis. Breaking through the bar-room chatter, a voice calls audience members downstairs, to the basement of Madrid’s “Microtheatre”. Formerly a butcher’s shop, this theatre bar in a formerly undesirable neighbourhood of the Spanish capital now uses its tiny underground chambers for a novel form of budget entertainment. Paying four euros (just over $5) each — a fraction of the cost of a typical theatre ticket — audiences of about a dozen...

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