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What is your first childhood memory of theatre?

I think the first play I saw was the “Black Ester,” which is a very important work of Chilean theater, directed by Andrés Pérez and tells the story of a brothel in Valparaiso, a Chilean port. I was interested in the history and the craft of the actors.

Creo que la primera obra de teatro que vi, fue la “Negra Ester”, que es una obra muy importante del teatro chileno, dirigida por Andrés Pérez y cuenta la historia de un burdel en Valparaíso que es un puerto Chileno. Me interesó como se contaba la historia y la destreza de los actores.

When did you know you wanted to pursue this path?

I think when I was 16 and started doing theater in school, pursuing this path was my first impulse, then, I studied another career, always thinking in what way it could help me fulfill my goal of studying acting. Finally, after doing so I made up my mind and studied acting and playwriting.

Yo creo que cuando tenía 16 años y comencé a hacer teatro en el colegio, ese fue mi primer impulso, luego estudié otra carrera, siempre pensando de qué forma me podía ayudar a cumplir mi meta que era estudiar actuación. Luego de estudiar actuación, me decidí y estudié actuación y dramaturgia.

If you weren’t in this profession, what would you be doing?

I think I would have continued practicing Psychology, which is what I studied previously.

Creo que hubiera seguido ejerciendo de Psicólogo, que fue lo que estudié anteriormente.

Who is the person who has most influenced your work?

My teachers and other theatre directors with whom I have worked.

Mis profesores y los distintos directores con los que he trabajado.

What advice would you give someone just starting out in the business?

To follow your impulses and if you are really interested in this work do not stop.

Que siga sus impulsos y que si le interesa de verdad este trabajo no deje de hacerlo.

In three words, describe the theatre scene in your city.

Diverse, creative and contemporary

Diversa, Creativa y contemporanea

If money were no object, what is your dream project?

Travelling the world and writing about different cultures.

Viajar por el mundo y escribir de distintas culturas.

What is your greatest challenge as an artist?

Being a playwright, actor and director at the same time.

Congeniar la dramaturgia, la actuación y la dirección

How do your parents describe what you do to their friends?

With pride, even though their friends do not understand it much.

Con orgullo, aunque sus amigos no lo entienden mucho.

If you were to write your own epitaph, what would you say?

I would not write anything, I prefer the memories and the letters of what I wrote in life.

Creo que no escribiría nada, prefiero el recuerdo y las letras de lo que escribí en vida.

This interview was translated from Spanish to English by Beatriz Cabur.

Bosco Israel Cayo Alvarez: Psychologist from the University of La Serena and Actor of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. As a playwright, he has written the following plays: Asepsia, Disforia Nacional “Sin Dominio”, Liceana, la Cueca Virulenta ( Staged for the V young playwright demonstration organized by the Theatre of Universidad Católica). Director and playwright of El Ímpetu, o el Grito del Carnero. Two of his short plays have been published in the book Antología Palabra de Teatro. Actor and playwright of Yo te Pido por Todos los Perros de la Calle MINEDUC. Selected by The Royal Court Theatre to participate in the workshop made in Chile, with his project Negra, La Enfermera del General. Investigation Assistant and actor from the play Los Perros by Elena Garro, directed by Rodrigo Pérez. Playwright and actor of Limítrofe: La Pastora del Sol from the Company Limitada, at Teatro del Puente. Director and playwright of Silabario with the theatre company Sin Dominio, winner of the “ Best Playwright” award.Actor and editor of the play “ Versos de Ciego, directed by Rodrigo Pérez, in celebration of the 70th year of the Theatre of La Universidad Católica. Selected by the Royal Court Theatre to travel to London as part of the Ciclo News Plays from Chile. Elected as one of the 100 young leaders 2013, by the magazine El Sábado from the national newspaper El Mercurio. Playwright and actor of the play Leftraru, with the Theatre company La Mala Clase, directed by Aliosha de la Sota.

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