Stage Russia, now in its second season of bringing filmed performances of contemporary Russian theatre to global audiences, has expanded to online streaming. Through the newly created Stage Russia app, which launched on April 12, even more audiences will now have access to the ever-growing trove of performances.

We receive requests from a lot of people who live in areas where our programming is either not presented or was presented, but missed out on, and online streaming is a logical solution,” said Stage Russia creator Eddie Aronoff. “Russian theater is truly at the top of its game these days, but sadly it’s an away game, one that is inaccessible to millions of Russians living abroad and to theater-lovers hungry for something new. The hope is that our app will help bring it closer to home.

Included among the online offerings are the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre’s serial opera Drillalians (dir. Boris Yukhanonov), the Moscow Young Generation Theater’s Black Monk (dir. Kama Ginkas), the Theatre Art Studio’s The Suicide (dir. Sergey Zhenovach), the Satirikon’s The Seagull (dir. Yury Butusov), and Red Torch Theatre’s sign-language version of Three Sisters (dir. Timofey Kulyabin).

The application is downloadable worldwide, with individual films priced at USD $5.99. Movies can be kept and streamed for up to 30 days after the date of order. For more information on Stage Russia, visit or follow the company on Facebook. The new app, titled StageRussia, is available on Apple’s App Store for iOS devices.

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