Sinking Ship Productions, a company established in 2008 by Jonathan Levin and Josh Luxenberg has been invited to perform their award-winning play, A Hunger Artist, at the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes in Charleville-Mézières, France , on September 25 and 26 (various schedules). Based on Franz Kafka’s story of the same name, and adapted by Levin (who is also the show’s solo performer), Luxenberg (the playwright) and director Joshua William Gelb, the play will be translated into French for Sinking Ship’s first performance in France.

About the Play:

Once cheered on and admired by thousands of spectators, the Hunger Artist is a now forgotten attraction, remembered by nobody except his one-time manager. What begins as a simple nostalgic story transforms into a startlingly inventive trip into the nature of memory, art, performance, and spectatorship, as narrated by the only person who remembers the artist whose act lost public interest. This dark, yet comedic and visually striking adaptation of Kafka’s short story uses physical theater, Victorian miniatures, puppetry and a set of simple props to support a powerhouse solo performance.

About Sinking Ship Productions: 

Sinking Ship Productions, a New York-based theater company, is the result of creative collaboration between Jonathan Levin and Josh Luxemberg. They work with a core group of Associate Artists, combining physical theater, puppetry, music and movement in delightful, strange and unexpected ways. Their previous productions have grappled with concepts like the creation and destruction of the universe as imagined by science fiction writers, how the human search for connection could ultimately and paradoxically lead to complete isolation, and the limits of human understanding in the search for extra dimensions of space in theoretical physics.

About The World Festival of Puppet Theatres : 

The World Festival of Puppet Theaters is an annual event founded in 1961 that takes place in Charleville-Mézières, France. It’s aim is to promote the art of puppetry and to build support and appreciation for this art around the globe. The festival lasts ten days and will run this year from 17 to 26 September 2021.

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