You do not need to see PC Ramakrisha to recognise him. You just need to hear him speak. Be it on stage or in front of a mic, the tenor and reach of the “voice of Chennai” never disappoints.
Ramakrishna has been in the business of voice for over 45 years, donning different hats: from voice artist and singer to actor and speaker. He now turns author with a book titled Find Your Voice, a comprehensive guide on how to navigate his profession.

The book, characterised by approachable language and practical examples, is an easy read. Ramakrishna says that the idea took shape from the realisation that not many are aware of the possibilities of this field. When he embarked on a career that not many knew of, he says he had no mentors or role models. “From around 1975, I have been involved in voice-overs. It’s completely different from how you use your voice for theatre. There is a certain thing called microphone-friendliness and modulating different kinds of scripts,” explains Ramakrishna.

To that end, a lot of young people who have very good voices have asked Ramakrishna, over the years, for guidance. “But only very few have come into the field,” he says, adding that the book addresses this very question. “It explains why these good voices sometimes don’t make it before a microphone.” Giving an insight into Ramakrishna’s experience, the book is a result of years of trial and error, explaining everything from how you scan and notate a script to identifying breathing pauses.

The book broadly travels through three kinds of voices: the actors’ voice, the voice professional’s voice, and the singer’s voice. Says Ramakrishna, “Every voice has a certain frequency that you must explore in full. I believe, in this profession, 60 percent pertains to voice while 40 percent is the feel.”

Find Your Voice is available on Notion Press’ website.


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