The Palestinian Performing Arts Network Programme (PAN) is targeted at Palestinian children and youth, and the overall objective is to contribute to the development of a democratic and pluralistic society that respects human rights and enhances Palestinian national identity.

The Palestinian Performing Arts Network Programme (PAN) is being developed through a participatory process involving 12 programme partners: Al Kamandjâti Association, Al-Harah Theatre, Ashtar for theatre productions and training, El – Funoun Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe, The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (ESNCM), The Freedom Theatre, The Magnificat Institute, The Ministry of Education (MOE), The Palestinian Circus School, The Popular Art Centre (PAC), Theatre Day Productions (TDP), Yes Theatre.

It aims at making a wide variety of activities, encompassing four major performing art forms: music, theatre, dance and circus more accessible to Palestinian communities.

The program focuses on two main work tracks; the first involves the development of a fully-fledged and active performing arts network where efforts are consolidated to place arts and culture at the forefront of national priorities; to affect policy change, and to contribute to improving the sustainability of the field. The 12 program partners form the core of the network which, upon registration, is open to other organizations to join. The network also establishes links with local counterparts, regional and international networks, hence bringing Palestinian artistic narrative and its call for steadfastness and freedom in a context of occupation and abuse of human rights to audiences abroad.

The second track focuses on joining efforts to create a vibrant performing arts community that enhances self-expression and strengthens cultural identity in the Palestinian society. A wide range of interrelated performing arts projects and activities will be implemented by the 12 partners targeting Palestinian children, youth, teachers, and the general public, notably in less privileged areas.

PAN was established as a collaborative project of partners under the supervision of the A.M. Qattan Foundation. The project is currently funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), and aims to organize a wide range of activities across four areas of the performing arts: music, theatre, dance, and circus, with a focus on reaching those living in isolated or deprived areas.

The founding members of the Palestinian Performing Art Programme (PPAN) are:

  1. Al-Harah Theatre:
  2. The Magnificat Association:
  3. The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music:
  4. Al Kamandjati Association:
  5. Theatre Day Productions:
  6. Yes Theatre:
  7. The Palestine Circus School:
  8. The Freedom Theatre:
  9. Popular Art Center:
  10. El Funoun Dance Troupe:
  11. Ashtar Theatre:
  12. A.M. Qattan Foundation:

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