Stick or Wizard? is an old-school theatre clown show that brings the audience onto the stage for an endearing story-telling show that will have you leaving happy.

London, UK-based theatre creator Oli Weatherly hits all the marks on good theatre clowning- the audience laughs at him and with him, but we’re also left laughing at each other and ourselves. The show is highly participatory, and Weatherly, through his wizard-clown persona, knows how to bring out the hidden comedian in each of his audience members who come up on stage. He’s a funny guy on his own- his opening bit, when he repeatedly poses the question “Is there a wizard in the room? Why yeeees!” in a lovely sequined outfit had the audience laughing in the first minute of the show. But he knows how to make his audience funny too.

The show works by an audience member coming up and picking an item out of Weatherly’s wizard bag, and then his wizard chest. This means that the show is different every time, and Weatherly has dozens of different outcomes all figured out. Every item you pull out the bags gets an over-the-top reaction from Weatherly, who then encourages you to use the item, As such, he’s a facilitator for us to be the actors.

When Weatherly moves on to the wizard’s box, the show becomes an endearing autobiography as Weatherly, breaking character, talks about little pieces of his own life. He ends the play by having the whole audience come up on stage to be inducted into wizardry. Stick or Wizard? is an excellent participation piece because Weatherly knows how to make an audience shine. If you’ve ever wanted your chance on stage, Stick or Wizard? is a great opportunity.

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