Photos: Andreas Meinhardt

It is the very last day of autumn and the last yellow leaf has just fallen from the tree. Mr. Eichhorn the squirrel emerges from the trunk sipping a cup of tea. This year, he is determined to see the first snowflakes. He must not fall into hibernation as he has always done, but then, this is quite an arduous task for Mr. Eichhorn. He begins some physical exercises. He hops noisily from tree to tree, does some squats, sit-ups and even the worm dance! Exhausted, he almost falls into sleep. This should not happen! He hops higher and farther and all of this noise has awoken the hedgehog.

Mr. Eichorn and the hedgehog are committed to staying awake but even in each other’s company, they struggle to keep awake. The big bear appears and all three of them embark on an adventurous search for the first snowflake. The problem is, none of them has ever seen a snowflake before. All the information they have about a snowflake is that it is cold, white and wet. Mr. Eichhorn worries, “What if the first snowflake has already fallen without you noticing? – we have to go looking?”

Perhaps they might have missed it. Mr. Eichhorn, The Hedgehog, and the bear rummage through the forest and behold, the hedgehog has found something cold, white, and wet and he beckons the others to come and see the snowflake. It is only a white toothbrush.

Mr. Eichhorn finds something cold, white and wet on the inside, it is only a white metal cup. Together, the search for this soft, cold, wet, and white something that announces the beginning of winter. Does it ever come?

Herr. Eichhorn Und Der Erste Schnee is an enchanting and inspiring piece about a growing bond in friendship through the process of searching and waiting.

The production team at Schlacthaus theatre beautifully transform the stage into a cozy outdoor space cleverly designed for a children’s theatre. A significant supporting element of the piece is the music by Thorsten which amplifies the nostalgic mood for the audience as well as the moods of the characters.

This magnificent winter story wraps one with a beautiful yearning for winter and the charm it brings. The piece is an adaptation of an illustrated book by Sebastian Meschenmoser with the same title.


Theater: Schlachthaus Theater Bern

Script: Luis Hérgon, Tanja Höhne
Director: Michael Krauss
Costume: Iris Meinhardt
Music: Thorsten Meinhardt
Video: Oliver Feigl
Technique: Nadja Weber
Conception: Meinhardt & Krauss

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