Nihayati Niji Baatein explores one’s inherent desire to connect, to be heard, and to be seen, which, in the world of social media, has morphed into a desire to pose, to present, and to exhibit a version of oneself. The desire is to open and reveal oneself set against construction, commodification, and the consumption of the self. Geeta lives in Ramesh Nagar, a small town in semi-urban India. She lives alone with her cat and spends her days tutoring the local children. Geeta makes her first social media post. This is a post that starts as a make-up tutorial but slowly goes completely off the track, bringing us into an unexpected space – a space of shared intimacy, trust, and truth – a truth that is hers, but perhaps, also ours.

Nihayati Niji Baatein with Geeta Tyagi (Intensely Intimate Conversations with Geeta Tyagi)
A piece by Jyoti Dogra Originally commissioned by Serendipity Arts Festival, 2020

2020, Jyoti Dogra, India

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