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IOTF 2019

Things I Know To Be True

In this ambitious international collaboration, Frantic Assembly present Andrew Bovell’s heart-breaking depiction of family life. Captured live by Digital Theatre, Things I Know To Be True is co-produced by Frantic Assembly and State Theatre Company South Australia with Warwick Arts Centre, and in association with Chichester Festival Theatre and the Lyric Hammersmith.

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A Disappearing Number

Winner of the 2008 Olivier Award for Best New Play, A Disappearing Number tells the true story of the extraordinary collaboration between Cambridge professor G.H. Hardy and self-taught mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. This production was devised by Complicité and directed by Simon McBurney.

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Krzysztof Warlikowski’s (A)pollonia is based on classical and contemporary texts, primarily, excerpts from Euripides’ Alcestis, the Oresteia by Aeschylus, and Hanna Krall’s Pola. The erudite script also includes fragments of Jonathan Littell’s Les Bienveillantes, J.M Coetzee’s Elizabeth Costello, Rabidranath Tagore’s drama The Post Office, and more. By bringing together these texts, Warlikowski seeks to shed light on the ambiguous and somber history of sacrifice, and self-sacrifice – giving up one’s life for another – in particular. Stories of mythological characters ruled by Fate are complemented and reflected in twentieth-century experience with its helplessness in the face of the Holocaust. In the act of sacrifice, the executioner becomes no less important than the victim.

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Developed in partnership with the Association of Medical Research Charities, the University of Ulster, the NHS Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Screening Programme, and supported by the Wellcome Trust, Dayglo tells the story of two families impacted by illness.

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Pythonland depicts the Chinese “Genesis” mythology in a way that combines both traditional Chinese theatricality and modern physical presence. The play is divided into two parts: Amnesia and Pythonland. The first part tells the story of worldwide rain and blood narrated by a doctor on his journey to a patient. In the second part, the protagonist The Great General of Pythonland meets an old man and is told the story that has happened between them in their previous lives. (in Chinese)

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Day of the Oprichnik

Day of the Oprichnik is a staging of an anti-utopia, sci-fi novel by Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin. The oprichnina was secret state police founded by Tsar Ivan the Terrible in Russia between 1565 and 1572. Oprichniks were engaged in mass repression, terror, public executions, killings, rape, confiscation of land and property and were above the law. (in Czech)

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5475 Scratches

Alternative micro-theatre play written and directed by Freya Treutmann, 5475 Scratches performance is based on the character of Sisyphus from Greek Mythology and explores the question of how our identity is shaped by our habits, our way of living. What happens if you suddenly lose a part of your identity you used to hate? The performance plays with a circularity of movement and repetition of rhythmic text, showing the ambiguity of a need for a routine and hate about not being able to make choices.

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