The European Theatre Lab is very proud to announce that the project won Spotlight on Heritage in Culture and the Arts, a special award for an individual organization’s outstanding achievement.

The Pearle* 2018 Awards celebrate the achievements of Employers Associations in the European live performance sector. Major stakeholders related to the live performance sector in Europe gathered together on 22 November in Brussels to attend the Pearle* 2018 Awards Ceremony, The aim of this high-level event was to highlight and celebrate the groundbreaking achievements many European employers’ organizations have accomplished in recent years, in fields as wide-ranging as equal opportunities, diversity, lifelong learning, social dialogue or heritage with the ultimate objective of making live performance a healthier, fairer and more secure sector in which to work.

Organized by Pearle*-Live Performance Europe, the Pearle* 2018 Awards are an essential component of Behind the Stage, an innovative project run by Pearle* with the financial support of the European Union, aimed at empowering the role and capacity of employers associations and strengthening social dialogue in the European live performance sector. This project has been devised and developed in the context of the “European Pillar of Social Rights” which was proclaimed and signed exactly a year ago by the Council of the EU, the European Parliament, and the European Commission during the Gothenburg Social Summit for fair jobs and growth.


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