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After success in cities across Europe, tragicomedy The Truth — which tells the story of adultery as experienced by two middle-aged couples — is staged in Hong Kong for the first time.


Presented in Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles, La Vérité (The Truth) revolves around two married couples. Michael, married to Lauren, is having an affair with Alice, wife of his best friend Paul.

It seems that Lauren and Paul both suspect their partners have been unfaithful, without knowing who they are sleeping with, but when Alice guiltily threatens to confess all, Michael is thrown into a panic. The truth, though, proves to be far from straightforward as we cannot be sure who is deceiving whom.

La Vérité (The Truth) by acclaimed playwright Florian Zeller has been a huge hit in Paris and cities all over Europe, including Berlin, Hamburg, Madrid, Rome, and London. The play will receive its Cantonese première in Hong Kong, produced by Project Roundabout.


WHEN: 11 AUG 2017 – 3 SEP 2017

WHERE: Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre – 2 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai – Wan Chai

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