The 28th edition of the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre (CIFET, 14-19 December) revealed the launch of the Theatre Festivals Network initiative. 

According to the festival’s management, the network is meant to unite the most reputable theatre festivals taking place in the Arab world that have local, Arab or international impact.

The network will allow different festivals to coordinate their schedules. It is also set to become a platform for the exchange of information, performances and training experiences.

The application of the Theatre Festivals Network and the criteria for participation are available at the CIFET’s official website, besides all the official social media platforms. The network will allow different festivals to coordinate their schedules

The project will be launched at the CIFET’s 28th edition in the presence of the presidents of the participating festivals. Coordination with international festivals will be conducted in a later stage.

The festival’s president in this edition is Gamal Yakout. Mohamed Abdelrahman El-Shafei and Saeed Kabeel are the artistic directors.

The board includes Hoda Wasfi, Abu Hassan Salam, Ayman El-Shiwi, Ahmed Megahed, Asmaa Yehya El-Taher and Hazem Shebl.


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