Bryoni Trezise

Bryoni Trezise

“The Town Hall Affair” Brings Germaine Greer’s 1970s Feminist Debate Roaring Into The Present

The moment was 1971, Labour Day’s eve. The context: a biting critique of feminism published by journalist-novelist Norman Mailer in Harper’s magazine earlier that year. Mailer’s essay, The Prisoner Of Sex, sold more than any previous Harper’s edition. The event: a sell-out fundraiser billed as A Dialogue On Women’s Liberation promised an explosive line-up. Mailer was set to debate literary critic Diana Trilling, feminist-activist Jacqueline Ceballos, Village Voice author Jill Johnston and Germaine Greer. A raucous audience of New York’s intellectual elite crammed in to witness the fallout. The year is now 2018 and New York experimental theatre company...

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“Mr Burns”: Post-Apocalyptic Simpsons Musical Shows Theatre’s Future Is Dazzling

There has been a nuclear event. The grid is down. The radio is out. Most are dead, and those who remain huddle in groups with rifles cocked, or wander, gasping, through the apocalypse. Survivors are counted and named in travelling ledgers. Campfire stories are making a comeback. This self-described “post-electric play” Mr Burns, written by US-based playwright Anne Washburn and directed by Imara Savage at Belvoir St Theatre begins mid-memory, as a group of survivors recall a Simpsons episode. The episode, Cape Feare, references Martin Scorsese’s 1991 film Cape Fear, a remake of a 1962 film of the same...

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“Twelfth Night” and Cross-Mobility Casting

Renowned Shakespearean actor Robert Armin wrote in 1608 of the difference between a “natural” and an “artificial” fool – the first of whom “that did his kinde, and the other who foolishly followed his owne minde.” Armin was writing long before industrial capitalism stepped in to humiliatingly frame those perceived to be impaired as “freakish” outcasts to productive labour. His treatise, in fact, seems wedged between two very different performative lineages. For it was the “fact” of the natural fool’s disability that became aligned with ideas of depravity and so reinforced the very opposite ideal of rationality that underpinned...

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