The summer festival of the “different” Slovak theater and the bold spectator. The activity originally initiated by the Theater Institute in Bratislava grew into the festival form and since 2008 has been an in-house product of the Stanica cultural center. It takes place annually on the last weekend of July.

Kiosk is a festival of the current productions of the Slovak independent theater and dance scene. The program planning of the festival focuses on theater, dance,  and performance art which use an original and groundbreaking form to solve current contents of art and social problems. We invite authors and spectators with the courage to search, to be authentic, genuine, original and current. We present creators interested in critical thinking about the world. We do not seek to present tried and true quality but rather marginal forms which educate and bring novelty to creators and spectators alike.

The tenth edition of the Kiosk Festival will present in its main program and related events fifteen scenic projects and will focus on presenting the works of the up-and-coming generation of authors. Each year, the festival takes on a different theme which is then discussed most vigorously in the accompanying events. These include discussions, installations, interventions and projects tailor-made for the festival. For the tenth anniversary edition, the topic will be something beyond delicate — the New Spectator. In this way, we react to the increased interest on part of creators in interaction and active spectators. It is as if the creators themselves were interested in a new spectator. Is it too daring? Or is it the other way around and it is the spectator who desires more place in the spotlight? Who is the new spectator and do they even exist? What does it mean to be a spectator these days?

Kiosk is primarily a space for overlapping of genres, artistic risk, provocation, while it at the same time makes no compromises when it comes to quality criteria. Our ambition is to in this way inspire and support the creation of new artistic forms in the Slovak independent theater and dance scene.

The festival also awards the POČIN [POUČN] Prize for original work with lighting.

The festival’s slogan:
BOLD SPECTATOR WANTED We offer the adventure of seeking a “different” theater together. We offer our opinion. And we are curious about yours.

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