Unknown, I Live With You

“Unknown, I Live With You” presents parallel stories of journeys realized through creative writing in a compromised political climate. This mixed-media installation, directed by Krystian Lada, is based on verse poems by Afghan female writers, Roya, Meena Z., Fattemah AH and Freshta. Created during clandestine creative writing workshops organized by the Afghan Women’s Writing Project (under the regime of the Taliban), these poets created raw, immediate verse as a means of narrating stories that couldn’t be openly told. In “Unknown,” these inspiring and deeply personal verse-poems are spoken and sung – to music by Katarzyna Głowicka – by opera singers, including international star Małgorzata Walewska and transgender singer Lucia Lucas. “Unknown” is an invigorating and deeply personal new piece of music theatre that shows how creativity functions as a mode towards empowerment.

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