Forefathers’ Eve

Lithuanian theatre master Eimuntas Nekrošius directs Polish sacred Romantic drama Dziady (Forefathers’ Eve) by Polish-Lithuanian Adam Mickiewicz. The poetic drama is considered one of the greatest works of both Polish and European Romanticism, a supreme realization of Romantic ideas with imaginative metaphors and Polish folk customs, primeval rituals, spirituality, power of rite, sense of community, the tragedy of individual, and the national and existential aspects. Famous for his unique theatrical language, Nekrošius challenges the existing tradition of Dziady in Polish theatre. His highly acclaimed and multi-awarded production interrogates Polish martyrology, national myths, and obsessive belief in self-importance. The production was part of the 250th Jubilee Season of the Polish National Theatre. Surtitles are based on Charles S. Kraszewski’s translation (published by Glagoslav Publications, UK, 2016) ONE DAY ONLY! From May 27th 1 pm EST (NYC) / 7 pm CET (Warsaw) until May 28th 6 pm EST (NYC) / 00.00 am CET (Warsaw).

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