‘6 Bab Sharq,’ an arts and culture space that aims to support emerging artists in Alexandria, was launched by the Goethe-Institut Alexandria on 19 November 2019, bringing countless benefits to cultural managers and practitioners in the Mediterranean city and beyond.

Over the past years, ‘6 Bab Sharq’ helped over 150 emerging artists through capacity building workshops and programs, producing a total of 38 art projects, holding numerous online discussions, talks and screenings, and creating a network between emerging artists in Alexandria and artists from all over Egypt.

Funded by the German Federal Foreign Office at time of its creation, the two-fold project consisted of an educational aspect and a practical segment which involved management of a new space. According to the Goethe-Institut’s press release, the project held a five-month Cultural Management Training Program which supported 12 emerging cultural managers through capacity building workshops.

On the other hand, the Goethe-Institut Alexandria provided the ‘6 Bab Sharq’ as an alternative space for the program’s participants to implement their managerial competencies. In 2020, a collective team of three from the 12 participants who took part in the training program became fully in charge of the space management under supervision and guidance from Goethe-Institut.

As the Institut is handing over the management to the trained cultural managers, the space will continue providing activities – literary residencies, animation school, cultural discussions, film screenings, photography workshops, networking, etc – to the local community. The space also offers rental service of its main hall, rental service of the equipment, and access to its library.


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